New Ultra Force™ Gas Spring

Sept. 12, 2006
DADCO’s new U.0175 gas spring is the latest addition to DADCO’s low profile, Ultra Force™ (U) Series. The U.0175 has a 19 mm diameter body with an 11 mm diameter rod providing over 380 lbs. of force on contact. The U.0175 and is available with stroke lengths from 7 mm to 125 mm. The U.0175 features DADCO’s patented safety design and may be operated self-contained or linked. The U.0175 and six other U Series models comprise the Ultra Force™ Series of nitrogen gas springs. Other sizes range from 32 mm diameter with 800 lbs. of force on contact to 150 mm diameter with over 21,000 lbs. of force on contact. All Ultra Force™ gas springs are available with a wide variety of mount options and accessories.