Precision Leveling Mounts for OEM, Refabrication Markets

Sept. 26, 2006
Sunnex, a leading manufacturer of anti-vibration and leveling mounts (, offers its line of MHD-Series precision leveling mounts for the OEM and refabrication markets. Sunnex's MHD-Series of leveling mounts provide a secure, high-precision connection between the bedding elements and the machine, making them ideal for use with machines that exert significant vertical and horizontal force. The mounts feature a unique design that absorbs impulses and shock in high-speed machinery - where damping is especially critical. The leveling feet include an integral locking device that prevents movement during installation and relocation of the machine. The mounts come with a precision leveling guarantee to 1/100 mm. throughout its leveling range, with no change in natural frequency. The elastomer is customizable based on thickness and surface profile, enabling OEM and refabrication industries to meet specific design requirements. Spherical washers are also available for uneven support surfaces and floors.