Sept. 29, 2006
A new mobile “Farr Cart™” fume and dust collector from Farr Air Pollution Control provides economical yet powerful filtration in welding workshops and industrial settings. The unit will extract moderate concentrations of smoke and light dust generated by intermittent processes such as welding and grinding, delivering 99+ percent efficiency on welding fume. With its sturdy injection-molded plastic construction, large rubber wheels, and slim design, the Farr Cart offers high mobility and ease of use at a low cost, even where space constraints are tight – ensuring a safe environment for the operator and nearby workers. Additional environmental benefits include low noise level and low power consumption. The unit comes ready to use with no installation required, and the long-life pleated filter can be easily changed in minutes. The Farr Cart handles comes with a 10-ft (3 m) flexible fume extraction arm and built-in halogen spotlight in the hood. Accessories include a HEPA safety filter and spark protection device.