AirFlex Portable Trim Waste & Dust Containment System

Oct. 1, 2021
AirTrim's AirFlex Portable Trim Waste & Dust Containment System eliminates production delays due to trim waste removal.

The AirFlex Portable Trim Waste & Dust Containment System reduces trim waste, facilitates recycling, and captures dust to optimize converting and print production rates. A rugged 2 HP trim cutter coupled with a proven 5 HP material handling fan provides capacity for 4 trims up to 1 in. (2.54 cm) wide at line speeds to 1500 fpm.


A rugged fabricated steel manual diverter easily handles paper, plastic, film, and foil trim waste, providing flexibility for future growth.  The compact design requires minimal floor space, while the 4-wheel cart provides maneuverability over the roughest floor surfaces, allowing the system to be used wherever needed. Theurpose-designed dust capturing system keeps dust in bags away from the finished product. The powder-coated enclosure is tough enough for the plant floor and attractive and quiet enough for an office environment. Waste collection options include bags, carts, or Gaylords.  The system is ideal for printing and converting facilities of all sizes, volumes, and types.


Easy clean cannister dust filters and flexible waste discharge options eliminate production delays due to trim waste removal.  Since this self-contained system generates its own air flow, it eliminates the need for compressed air. With components proven in hundreds of facilities worldwide, the trim cutter reduces trim waste volume by up to 75%, saving landfill disposal costs and reducing the amount of removal trips. AirFlex easily separates materials at the source to facilitate recycling.

  • For Paper, Plastic, Film, and Foil trim removal
  • Proven trim cutter reduces waste volume
  • Its high dust containment and dual discharge capacity are ideal for faster, continuous operation higher dust level applications