Automatic Parts Sorter performs 100% inspection of Screw Machine, Cast or Molded Parts

Sept. 22, 2006
A new automatic inspection machine sorts small parts based on pre-programmed dimensional tolerances such as length, width, diameter, etc. Several models are offered, for parts ranging in size from 1/4 in. to 1.5 in. Low in cost, the machine inspects and sorts up to 7200 parts per hour with an accuracy of Å} 0.0001 in. Named the "J-194 ShadowGageTM", the new unit is made by Resec Systems, Inc., Bergenfield, NJ, manufacturer of an extensive range of automated inspection and sorting systems. Employing a pair of high speed cameras and proprietary ShadowGage technology, the new sorter inspects vertical and horizontal views of each part and automatically decides whether or not the piece meets all tolerance specifications. In operation, parts are fed by a vibratory bowl feeder onto a rotating platen which separates and individually places them under the cameras for inspection. A video processor captures the profile and top view images of each part, measures the pre-programmed feature(s), and automatically places each piece into an ACCEPT or REJECT bin. The sorter can be programmed for multiple parts, adding to its versatility. Complete software is included. All measurements are available for data collection to a csv file or via a serial port.