The Balmac Model 240 V-Alert Vibration Meter takes the guess work out of vibration measurements. The V-Alert features a green LED that illuminates when vibration levels are “Good,” and a red LED that illuminates when vibration levels exceed the severity guideline limit (0.2 in/sec.). Operators simply press the MEASURE button, puts the probe tip on the machinery surface and within seconds gets a vibration reading. When the operator releases the button, either the Green or Red LED lights. The large, easy-to-read 3.5 digital LCD provides numerical vibration readings in Velocity RMS. It automatically holds a displayed reading for 30 seconds after the operator releases the MEASURE button. The Model 240 is used on all types of pharmaceutical process machinery including motors, pumps, fans and compressors. The Model 240 V-Alert is battery-operated and features automatic shut-off to maximize battery life.