Rounding out its oil handling product line, the FlowGuard™ drum topper, Des-Case’s newest filtration unit, is a new twist for the oil handling market. The FlowGuard™ drum topper, a small, portable filtration station acts as an off-line filter for critical equipment by removing dirt and moisture. Because most new fluids directly out of the drum may contain contaminants, its main purpose is to filter this new drum oil. It mounts directly on top of a drum and is a handy device to fill small totes. The incorporated pump features various flow capacities to filter hydraulic and gear lubricants. The drum topper also features a heavy-duty aluminum frame, two filters providing two-stage filtration, Clear PVC with steel wire reinforced hoses to allow visual confirmation of product flow, differential filter gauges which indicate filter condition, and a compact design for easy storage and maintenance. The FlowGuard™ drum topper gives customers even greater flexibility by offering customization. Des-Case’s unique approach provides end users the ability to create their drum toppers entirely on Des-Case’s website at a very affordable price. "This ingenious product will make life easier for lubrication engineers," said Brian Gleason, president of Des-Case. "The FlowGuard™ drum topper series was created to specifically address the desire to make oil handling cleaner and simpler. FlowGuard™ drum topper requires less equipment and labor while reducing system contamination." The design of the drum topper integrates the concentrated effort of two filter elements and the sealing capability of the quick disconnects. To further increase efficiency, pair it with FlowGuard™ quick connect adaptors. By combining these benefits into one cost-effective package, the FlowGuard™ drum topper will guarantee your equipment and lubricants will run at their peak performance.