Endura® Shrink Sleeve Labeling System

Oct. 18, 2006
B&H Labeling Systems introduces the new Endura® Sleeve System, a shrink sleeve labeling system for applying and shrinking full body sleeve labels on a variety of container types, sizes and shapes. The Endura Sleeve System features a unique cutter assembly, which improves cut accuracy and reduces scrap while minimizing maintenance. Designed for durability and dependability, the system’s simple elegance also eases operation and speeds changeover. B&H’s Endura Sleeve System is comprised of an Endura SLS sleeve applicator and one or two Endura SLT shrink tunnel modules, depending on the application. These integrated systems handle round, square, rectangular and oval containers with and without contours, from 2 to 4.8 inches in diameter and from 2 to 12 inches in height, at speeds up to 400 cpm. With fewer change parts, the Endura Sleeve System speeds changeover. One operator can change over both the label applicator and the shrink tunnel in only 15 minutes. The Endura SLS sleeve applicator features a unique cutter assembly that improves cut accuracy, reduces scrap and minimizes both maintenance and the cost of spare parts. Unlike traditional rotary or guillotine cutting mechanisms used on other sleeve systems, the Endura cutter assembly uses a ring that is activated by a series of low voltage solenoids that compress the cutter holders, which in turn drive the blades through the sleeve label material. This cutter assembly, together with an anodized mandrel and servo-driven label feed system, allows the Endura Sleeve System to achieve a cut accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm, which reduces sleeve label material scrap to only 0.5 percent. The Endura SLT shrink tunnel module uses carefully controlled steam, distributed through a series of adjustable, perforated stainless steel tubes contained within an insulated enclosure and served by a steam exhaust extraction system. This design assures even shrinking of the sleeve label material and eliminates container distortion. Coaxial tubes, in which each steam tube is encased within an insulating tube, reduce energy consumption and produce a dryer steam with less condensation. The Endura Sleeve System is durable and dependable. With its combination of shrink labeling expertise, world class technology and an established sales and service organization that includes offices in the U.S. and Mexico, B&H is positioned to offer customers an unparalleled value proposition to achieve low total cost of ownership. Ideal for food, beverage, dairy and retail packaged products packed in glass, plastic and metal containers that are shrink labeled with PVC, PET, OPS or OPP material, the Endura Sleeve System produces attractive containers that stand out on store shelves.• Speeds: 50 to 400cpm • Available in left hand, right hand, and mirror configurations • Sleeve Materials: PVC, PET, PETG & OPS • Container Types: Glass, plastic and metal containers • Container Shapes: Round, square, rectangular and oval containers, with and without contours • Container Diameters: 2" (51mm) minimum to 4.8" (122mm) maximum • Container Heights: 2" (51mm) minimum to 12" (305mm) maximum • Sleeve Lay Flat: 2.3" (59mm) minimum to 7.85" (199mm) maximum • Sleeve Cut Length: 1.5" (38mm) minimum to 12" (305mm) maximum