TBH Series Insulated Trailer Bulkheads

Aug. 10, 2022
The TBH Series Insulated Trailer Bulkheads from Rite-Hite are easy to use and durable.

The TBH Series insulated trailer bulkheads are available in a two-panel, bi-fold design or in a three-panel, Z-shaped configuration that can accommodate odd-number pallet configurations between temperature zones. A single TBH Filler Panel is also available for situations in which an individual bulkhead panel is needed.


Made of Arcel resin, the ClimaTrek bulkheads are rugged enough to minimize the need for frequent replacement, yet lightweight and ergonomically sound enough to allow for easy maneuvering and repositioning. They also feature a tight, efficient seal to help protect product integrity throughout the cold chain journey.

  • Light, flexible panels constructed of 2.5 in. Arcel molded foam resin
  • Ergonomic handle positioning for easy lifting and carrying
  • Anti-twist strap guides
  • Easy repair, panel-saver handles that won’t break through panels and are rust and corrosion-resistant
  • A standard, universal center hinge to allow easy, efficient access to all cargo areas