Steel City® 68R Recessed Floor Box Covers

Nov. 1, 2006
Thomas & Betts introduces the Steel City® 68R Recessed Floor Box Covers to provide a cost-effective solution for concealing unsightly plugs and receptacles below floor level in concrete, wood sub-floor, and raised floor applications. Instead of the large, expensive boxes typically associated with recessed service, the Steel City® 68R covers are used in conjunction with a Steel City® round PVC floor box for concrete applications or a Steel City® metal switch box for wood sub-floor or raised floor applications. The covers accommodate one duplex or GFCI receptacle and up to two communications jacks. “The 68R covers feature a unique rotating lid that closes in two different positions,” said Dan Michaelis, product manager for Thomas & Betts’ Construction Products Group. “When the box is not in use, the lid closes securely to fully protect power and communications receptacles from water and debris. To access the receptacles, the lid is opened and rotated to expose a small opening. After the cords are plugged in and routed through the opening, the lid is closed again completely flush with the floor for an aesthetic, low-profile look.” The covers are available in black, beige, brown and gray. The black covers feature an optional brass or aluminum flange.