RoHS Compliant Isolated Step-Down Transformers for Industrial Equipment Applications

Nov. 2, 2006
Foster Transformer introduces a line of RoHS compliant isolated step down transformers with the industries widest range of lead configurations. Available with lead wires, terminal blocks, lead screws, and other configurations to suit specific customer needs, these environmentally safe transformers are ideal for domestic or export applications. Isolated step down transformers are well suited for Machine Tools, Industrial Controls, Automation Equipment, and other Commercial and Industrial Equipment applications. Models from 0.025 kVA through 5.0 kVA are available in UL/C-UL Recognized and Listed configurations. UL Recognized models are offered with Class 130 Insulation Systems while the Listed models feature UL Class 180 Insulation Systems. All models feature 240/480 V, 50/60 Hz primary windings with an optional 208 V tap. Dual 120/240 V secondary windings are standard. An optional Electrostatic Safety Shield is also available for increased isolation and safety. IEC, EN and CE compliant designs are available.