Dial Loader To Automate Cut-Off of Shaped Tubing

Nov. 21, 2006
Hautau Tube Cutoff Systems has developed a unique dial loader that can be used to automate loading of tube shears or saw cut off machinery. This innovative dial loader is designed for high production continuous processing of round, square, rectangular, hexagonal and other shaped tubing. The loader handles complete bundles of mill length tubing. The bundles are supported by four heavy-duty steel arms. A shaft running along the center of the loader has nylon rotary dials positioned at the end of each arm. The dial is machined to the shape of each tube being run. So as the arms lift and gravity feeds the tubing into the shaped dial, each piece of tubing is positively positioned for loading into the cutoff machine. In addition, the programmable dial can orient the tubing for the optimal cutoff angle. Square tubing would be oriented at 45 degrees, rectangular at about 30 degrees, for example. Dials are of a split design for easy changing, if required. A set of dials can accommodate up to 24 different sizes/shapes of tubing. If more sizes and shapes are required, additional sets of dials can be provided.