Micro-Trak™ 101 Series High-Performance Digital Mass Flow Meter/Controller

Dec. 6, 2006
As today's science and engineering focus more and more on micro technology, the requirement to be able to measure and control extremely low gas mass flows has become very important. With state-of-the-art sensor technology and highly engineered direct acting valve design, Micro-Trak™ accurately measures and controls micro mass flows of gas previously thought by scientists to be too low for a reliable reading.Micro-Trak™ is specifically designed for flow ranges under 4 sccm (smlm) with a minimum controllable mass flow rate of 0.1 sccm (smlm). Excellent accuracy (+/- 1.0% of full scale) and repeatability (+/- 0.2%) coupled with unsurpassed instrument stability offer customers an instrument they can depend on, month after month, year after year. Watch Micro-Trak online controlling at 0.2 sccm full scale at http://www.sierrainstruments.com/products/video.htm .Micro-Trak™ is a specialized instrument for those who need accurate and reliable micro mass flow control. Micro-Trak’s all-stainless-steel flow path (with elastomer seals to eliminate leaks) is suitable for most clean gases including corrosives and toxics. The small footprint (3.0” x 1.0”), 24 VDC power and choice of multiple communications make installation easy.Micro-Trak™ includes Sierra’s state-of-the-art Dial-A-Gas® technology allowing users to select from multiple gases in one instrument--creating great flexibility and reducing spares inventory. The internal microprocessor is programmed with 10 gases that are commonly used in biotech, pharmaceutical, analytical, and research applications. Other gases may be substituted to create a custom instrument. Mounted directly on the instrument, or remotely up to 50 feet away, the optional Pilot Module replaces expensive control/readout electronics in a small, convenient, and easy-to-use package. Six pushbuttons and a large graphic LCD are used to change gases, flow rates, units and many other critical parameters in the field without sacrificing performance or returning the instrument to a service center. Micro-Trak™ —How low do you need to flow?• Accuracy - +/- 1% of Full Scale including linearity at operating conditions • Dial-A-Gas - +/- 1% of Full Scale in all 10 standard gases • Repeatability - +/- 0.2% of Full Scale • Temperature Coefficient - +/- 0.025% of Full Scale per °F (0.05% of Full Scale per °C), or better • Pressure Coefficient - +/- 0.01% of Full Scale per psi (0.15% of Full Scale per bar), or better • Response Time - Governed by total volume of installation. Contact Sierra for suggestions on optimized installation.