Collect Thermal Data without a PC

Dec. 14, 2006
Breakthrough CyberResearch(r) data loggers automatically record time stamp, temperature or voltage, digital I/O states, and CJC readings. UMDAS TCLOG reads direct input from 8 thermocouple types. UMDAS THLOG reads the same 8 thermocouples, plus RTDs, thermistors, and semiconductors. No computer needed.The UMDAS TCLOG from CyberResearch, Inc. connects directly to eight common thermocouple types. Depending on which thermocouples you attach, it can cover a temperature range from -346°F to +3308°F. An on-board microprocessor linearizes the data with standard NIST coefficients. Then it stores the data on the included 64-MB CompactFlash card (upgradeable to 2 GB).The UMDAS THLOG has all the same functionality and adds the ability to accept RTD, thermistor, and semiconductor temperature inputs. RTD and thermistor inputs are automatically linearized.Both models allow you to use each of the eight DIO channels to trigger local alarms when temperatures fall above, below, or outside your predefined limits. You can retrieve data from these modules by swapping out the CompactFlash cards or by downloading data to a portable PC.In addition to data loggers - now shipping from stock from $595 - CyberResearch, Inc., also offers rugged industrial PCs, as well as CPU cards, monitors, data-acquisition, and motion-control systems.