Techniks new milling chuck features a full-flange stop that prevents overtightening the nut, and increases rigidity for improved cutting. There is no need to use a torque wrench to properly tighten the nut. Simply turn the nut with the provided hook wrench until it seats against the stop, and the tool is ready to use. You can run either shower coolant, or coolant-thru-tool, (both shown above) and increase feeds and speeds while maintaining even cutting. Note that the shower coolant option does not require coolant-thru style cutting tools. Each milling chuck is individually lab tested for holding power and accuracy, and comes with a lab report detailing test results. Techniks guarantees a maximum T.I.R. of .0002” at 4x tool diameter. Reduction sleeves are available to fit inch shank sizes from 1/8” to 1” and metric from 6mm to 25mm. For CAT or BT spindles. .I.R. only .0002" at 4x tool diameter • • Easy to use–just tighten nut until it hits the stop • • Solid stop provides exceptional rigidity • • Shower coolant or coolant-thru-tool options