Industrial Air Filter For Agglomerative Dust Applications

Jan. 13, 2007
Donaldson Company, Inc. announces the availability of Donaldson Torit Ultra-Web® SB, a new, tougher filter media for dust collection in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, textile, grain, woodworking, metalworking, and many other manufacturing processes that face challenges from agglomerative dust. The new filter media is an extension of Donaldson Torit’s Ultra-Web line of nanofiber media technology for industrial applications. Ultra-Web SB combines the excellent surface-loading and dust release capabilities of Ultra-Web nanofibers with a strong spunbond polyester substrate, to create filter cartridges with durability, moisture and chemical tolerance, long life, high efficiency, and significantly lower pressure drop for energy efficient operation when compared to spunbond or meltblown media. Ultra-Web SB cartridges also feature wide pleat spacing, which allows thorough pulse cleaning of fine and fibrous particulate including ceramics, cotton, fiberglass, grains, shotblast, grinding, polishing, and dust from powder coating. The spunbond substrate is made without resins; consequently, Ultra-Web SB cartridges can potentially be used where challenging conditions – higher temperature, chemicals, moisture – could weaken or destroy the resin system within standard substrate media. Donaldson Torit also offers cartridge filters with Ultra-Web nanofibers on cellulose and synthetic substrates, as well as a filter made of spunbond substrate with PTFE membrane. The new Ultra-Web SB is currently offered in four cartridge sizes for Donaldson Torit brand self-cleaning cartridge-style dust collectors: Downflo®, Downflo II, Downflo Oval, and large TD-style collector.