EAGLE® Butt Cans Promote safety and good housekeeping with these practical containers for cigarette or cigar butts and matches. Self-extinguishing design restricts oxygen putting out cigarettes before they hit the bottom. (A) The Original Butt Can is constructed entirely of galvanized steel and has a removable top and protective powder-coat finish. (B) (C) SafeSmoker™ Cigarette Butt Receptacle features flame-resistant polyethylene construction, twist off top, and large galvanized steel collection bucket. (D) (E) Indoor/Outdoor Butt Can combines a galvanized steel receptacle with a removable all-weather polyethylene tube. Specify color: (09) yellow, (12) green, (18) blue, (22) beige, (24) brown, (27) gray, (29) black. Colors are available as listed by code in price chart. C&H STOCK. More information on this product.