EZ Loader Pallet Positioner

Jan. 20, 2007
BISHAMON® EZ Loader Pallet Positioner At last, a true ergonomic tool. EZ Loader’s innovative design automatically adjusts pallet height, as the load changes. Smooth pallet rotation enables worker to access load from all angles, eliminating reaching, bending, or straining. Patented pneumatic support system provides maximum stability, smooth operation and consistent movement. System is pressurized from 15 psig to 60 psig (depending upon desired capacity from 450–4500 lbs.) from any available air source. Built-in relief system prevents loader from being over pressurized. Air gauge is standard for monitoring system pressure/capacity. Steel base frame is 30"Wx50-1/2"D with a 43" dia. turntable, built-in maintenance chocks and secured center pivot on rotator ring. Finger guards under rotator ring are standard. Attractive and durable blue polyester powder coat finish. Specify capacity: (01) 450- to 3000-lb., (02) 1000- to 4500-lb. C&H STOCK. More information on this product. • Overall WxD: • 501/2x30" • Lift Height: • 83/4–30" • Platform Size: • 43" dia.