Advanced Supply Chain Analytics

May 26, 2022
Planning.AI from Kinaxis accelerates agility by automatically fusing heuristics and optimization with machine learning.

Planning.AI is a concurrent planning solution to automatically detect and fuse the best combination of heuristics, optimization, and machine learning. It delivers the ability to use multiple analytical approaches when solving a single problem, providing both speed and accuracy. Part of the Kinaxis RapidResponse platform, it broadens the types of supply chain problems that can be solved and removes the need for data scientists and analytical experts.


The solution first applies heuristics to a problem and then runs those results through an optimizer or solver, significantly narrowing the scope of what the optimizer must solve for. For demand planning, Planning.AI leverages machine learning to gain insights from vast amounts of internal and external data; it then uses additional analytical approaches to improve sensing and forecasting across short and long-term horizons.


With the addition of Planning.AI, Kinaxis customers will have access to a new category of advanced applications called Amplifiers. These Amplifiers mature planning processes and drive next-level business results across the end-to-end supply chain. The first two Amplifiers using Planning.AI are now available: Demand.AI and Supply.AI.

  • Solve complex problems
  • Respond at the speed of business
  • Turn analytics into value
  • Continuously improve decision-making
  • Overcome talent shortages