Feb. 7, 2007
A line of mounted points that come in various shapes and sizes to fit into channels and other contoured spaces for repairing and maintaining molds and dies is available from Rex-Cut Products, Inc. of Fall River, Massachusetts. Rex-Cut® Mounted Points feature multiple layers of non-woven cotton fiber and aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasives that are pressed and bonded into a variety of industry standard shapes and sizes. Ideal for mold and die repair and maintenance, they are capable of reaching deep into channels and provide smooth, controlled operation, with virtually no vibration. Offered in very-fine to coarse grain sizes and two bonds: MTX where more metal removal is required and GFX for light metal removal, cleaning, and polishing, Rex-Cut® Mounted Points can deburr, grind, and finish without changing the part geometry. They are suitable for use on aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, titanium, and other exotic and highly alloyed parts. Rex-Cut® Mounted Points are priced according to shape, size, grit, bond, and quantity. Samples, literature, and pricing are available upon request.