Slitter INOX-PRIME Quick-Cutting Grinder Wheels

Jan. 22, 2020

Slitter INOX-Prime grinder wheels offer excellent cutting speeds per cut with minimal burr and a smooth finish.


Weldcote Slitter wheels are available in 4-1/2 and 6-in. sizes with a standard 7/8-in. arbor hole. Designed for precise and quick cutting on high-quality steel, these thin abrasive wheels constructed of high-quality, mono-crystallized grain are manufactured in Germany using a patented manufacturing process. 


Ideal for applications on carbon-based steels and stainless steel, Weldcote Slitter wheels are contaminant free and offer an excellent work finish without altering the work surface. They are ideal for use in aeronautical, nuclear, and food industries.

  • NOX-PRIME grinding wheels are made with friable white Aluminum oxide grains
  • The WA grain is made with an S-Grade and is contaminant free