InnerDrive Conveyors Save Space by Moving the Motor Inside the Conveyor

Feb. 3, 2007
InnerDrive Belt Conveyors from QC Industries feature a safe and efficient 24vdc motor placed inside a low profile conveyor frame, offering a significant space savings over traditional conveyor drive packages. With a frame height of only 2.54”, this unique design can fit tight spaces that standard conveyors cannot. The integrated motor makes InnerDrive Conveyors maintenance-free, eliminating the need to lubricate bearings or drive packages. InnerDrive Conveyors will premiere at multiple shows in 2007, including West Pack in February, South Pack in April, the Assembly Technology Expo in September and Pack Expo Las Vegas in October. Maximum torque is provided by integrated internal gears which offer speeds up to 60 feet per minute and can move loads up to 100 lbs. Belt widths of 12”, 18” and 24” are available, in lengths from 2 feet to 12 feet. QC Industries’ unique snap-in sealed tail assembly allows belts to be changed in less than 5 minutes using standard hand tools and without retracking the belt. InnerDrive conveyors are available as both horizontal conveyors and as angled-frame conveyors, capable of changing elevations in a variety of configurations. InnerDrive conveyors are supplied with a variable speed control card which integrates easily with automation systems for “run-on-demand” applications, using inhibit/run controls from devices such as timers and photo-eyes. Lighted indicators identify status at a glance. The card can be frame-mounted or mounted in a NEMA 12 control box. These unique features make InnerDrive Conveyors ideal for use in manufacturing plants as well as distribution centers, packaging lines, precision manufacturing environments, and more. The conveyor frames are laser cut from 10-gauge steel which is then powder coated. Stainless steel frames are also available. Application specific belting is available in over 50 styles, including a variety of cleated styles. A wide variety of accessories, including sides, guides, mounts, stands and controls allow the InnerDrive Conveyors to be adapted to virtually any application. Automation accessories available include transfer plates, diverters, adjustable stops, and turning wheels. • Available Widths: 12”, 18”, 24” • Available Lengths: 24” to 144” Actual conveyor length for conveyors 72” or longer is nominal length minus 1.12”; for conveyors under 72” subtract .81” from nominal length. • Available Speeds: 7-50 fpm Variable Speed with control • Frame Construction: Epoxy powder coated steel OR stainless steel • Motor: 15,000 hours Sealed construction design IP-54 rating • Load Capacity: 12" 75lbs. @ 30fpm 50lbs. @ 60fpm 18”, 24” 100lbs. @ 30fpm 75 lbs. @ 60fpm • Rated Torque: 12" 28.5 in. lbs. @ 30fpm 19.4 in. lbs. @ 60fpm 18”, 24” 59.2 in. lbs. @ 30fpm 30.9 in. lbs. @ 60fpm • Rated Power: 12" .09hp (65 watts) 18”, 24” .11hp (80 watts) • Input Voltage: 115vac / 230vac, 1ph • Motor Voltage: 24vdc brushless • Motor Pulley Diameter: 2” diameter • Available Control Wire Lengths: 12”, 24”, 48”, 96” • Controller Specifications: Variable speed potentiometer Run/Stop input LED status indicators Built-in thermal overload protection NEMA Type 1 • Available Options: 24vdc power supply uL listed control panel • Available Conveyor Styles: Horizontal Conveyor Angled Frame Conveyor