Front Apply Label Printer/Applicator - Tharo Systems Inc

Jan. 24, 2007
Tharo Systems, Inc. introduces the new PA1200fa Front Apply Label Printer/Applicator. This new Printer/Applicator can print and apply labels to the leading side of a product moving down a conveyor. The PA1200fa was designed, engineered and built by Tharo Systems and is currently available using the Tharo H-Series thermal/thermal transfer printers with print resolutions of 203 or 300 dpi. After a label is printed, it is stripped from the liner and held by suction on the applicator tamp pad. The tamp pad is mounted on a heavy-duty swing arm that extends over a conveyor and tamps the label to the product. Labels can be as small as 2” x 1” and up to 4.4” x 8”.