08mm Precision Zero-Backlash Spur Gearhead

Feb. 9, 2007
MicroMo Electronics, Inc. announces the addition of a metal spur zero backlash gearhead with the release of the Series 08/3. The zero backlash spur gearhead is ideal for applications requiring precision positioning with high resolution and low torque requirements. The gearhead weighs a mere 4.5 to 5.7 grams while providing a maximum continuous torque of 15 mNm with intermittent torque up to 25 mNm. The 08/3 has a diameter of 8 mm and ranges in length from 18.8 mm to 24.2 mm. The spur zero backlash gearhead comes with 4 standard ratios for precise positioning, speed reduction, and torque multiplication. The zero-backlash spur gearhead is available with ball bearings. The gearhead is equipped with standard threaded holes on the drive side for easy mounting. The gearhead is preloaded at MicroMo Electronics and comes already assembled to the motor. The Series 08/3 Precision Zero-Backlash Gearhead can be combined with a motor and encoder for a complete miniature DC drive system. The gearbox can be used with the MicroMo Electronics Series 0816 DC-Micromotor and the AM0820 miniature DC stepper motor. The motor and gearbox can be combined with magnetic or optical encoders to allow for precise control of speed and direction of rotation as well as the positioning of the drive shaft. The zero backlash spur gearheads are ideal for high resolution, low torque positioning tasks. The series 08/3 is immediately available in ratios of 120:1, 279:1, 650:1, and 1,518:1 with ball bearings from stock.