EYCON™ keeps an eye on the process

Feb. 22, 2007
LEESBURG, VA, USA– Eurotherm has recently launched the new Eycon series of visual supervisors. These visual supervisors provide multi-function control, recording and visualization. Eurotherm have a long history of experience in the control, data acquisition and process automation market and now the Eycon Series brings that expertise into a single process unit. Eycon’s new visual supervisor technology incorporates some impressive functionality that will allow users to completely manage a process. In fact, engineers may class the Eycon visual supervisor as a mini DCS which could easily be incorporated as a powerful component into a wider system. The series has been designed to reduce configuration, integration, installation and wiring costs while increasing accuracy, quality and efficiency. Eycon visual supervisor instruments can be used as a building block within larger systems communicating over Ethernet (ELIN). Eurotherm’s clear goal is to reduce engineering costs by targeting time spent on configuration, integration, installation and wiring in order to increase the availability of the system. Eurotherm has traditionally been strong in the pharmaceutical, chemical, glass and all applications where temperature control and measurement is critical to the process and it is to these markets that the Eycon series has been focused. Operators should be impressed by the integrated full color display which uses touch screen technology. The pop-up navigation menus provide an intuitive interface to functions such as batch control, recipe management, together with commissioning and diagnostic tools. Information can be viewed locally or at any EurothermSuite operator station thanks to peer-to-peer LIN communications. In fact the Eycon Series can communicate with any Modbus device via a serial or Ethernet connection. Nowadays full data logging is a pre-requisite of such products and here the Eycon Series does not disappoint with data logging and trending capabilities together with archiving to USB or via FTP. The Eycon series provides accurate multiple PID loops and Advanced automation strategies. The powerful sequential control capability enables the implementation of phases as defined by ISA-S88.