NXT Sprayer Features DataTrak Electronic Monitoring System

Feb. 14, 2007
MINNEAPOLIS - Graco's new Xtreme® NXT(TM) Sprayer features DataTrak(TM), an integrated electronic monitoring system that provides contractors with more user control than ever before. Available as an option on the NXT air motor, DataTrak tracks and records volumetric flow and material usage, provides pump diagnostics, and offers runaway pump prevention as well. Tracks material usage DataTrak displays material usage and volumetric flow, allowing contractors to spray the specified amount of material for each job. With an accurate, unbiased measurement of flow, DataTrak helps contractors ensure quality control and eliminates material waste from over-application. System diagnostics and improved productivity DataTrak tracks material throughput, which indicates to contractors when it's time for routine maintenance. DataTrak provides useful tools for ensuring preventive maintenance on lowers and tips. For example, after an Xtreme NXT has pumped a large number of gallons, and the flow rate has exceeded its application limit, the contractor knows it is time to replace the tip. DataTrak provides lower diagnostics and lets contractors know whether the lower is diving in the up or down stroke - a good indication that packings or balls are starting to wear out, or the pump lower needs to be cleaned. By improving preventive maintenance routines, contractors become more productive by reducing downtime spent on extensive, unscheduled repairs. Runaway pump protection DataTrak monitors pump speed and automatically shuts off the pump when coating material runs out or in instances of other runaway situations. The LED will flash and the display will indicate the runaway condition, and give the contractor instructions on how to get the pump running again. The runaway function works independently from air consumption, and provides a more reliable approach to runaway control compared to current runaway valves. Designed for tough protective coatings and corrosion control applications, the Graco Xtreme Sprayer with NXT technology is available in 11 configurations, with three motor sizes and seven Xtreme lowers to choose from. This range of package sizes allows contractors to select the appropriate model for their flow and pressure requirements. The new Xtreme NXT sprayer comes with integrated air controls with built-in filtration, an updated cart with built-in hose rack, and a stainless steel lift ring. DataTrak is available as an option on the NXT air motor.