Ingersoll Rand Launches IQv™ Series Cordless Tools and Technologies

Feb. 9, 2007
Ingersoll Rand, a recognized global leader in technology, tools and solutions, unveils a new series of cordless tools engineered specifically for professionals who demand peak power and durability. Featuring patented IQv technology, the IQv Series is comprised of a broad range of cordless tools, including the compact W040 1/4" quick-change Impactool™, the versatile W150 3/8" Impactool and the powerful W360 1/2" Impactool. IQv Series tools also include two best-in-class drill / drivers — the 19.2-volt D650 and 14.4-volt D550. “IQv technology was designed to deliver improved performance and longevity of cordless tools and batteries,” said Christian Corrigan, global marketing manager at Ingersoll Rand Productivity Solutions. “For the customer, this means cordless tools that are lighter and more powerful, and batteries that require significantly fewer replacements over the life of the tool.” Enhanced Performance Since 1934, when Ingersoll Rand developed the first pneumatic impact wrench, engineering expertise has focused on building durable impact mechanisms and geartrains to maximize power for reliable tool operation. The IQv Series cordless tools combine the same precision engineering with efficient battery technology to provide the best power per volt available. This means that more power is generated from smaller, lighter and lower voltage batteries. When compared to leading competitive brands, the IQv Series cordless tools have up to 110 percent better power-to-weight ratios and provide up to 40 percent better maximum reverse torque. Industrial-grade Tool Durability In addition to power, the new cordless tools match shop / plant requirements with industrial-grade engineering for tough, heavy-duty jobs. All IQv Series cordless tools are engineered with composite housings to deliver maximum structural strength with minimum weight. The composite housings protect against damaging chemicals and fluids common in shop or plant environments and are reinforced with a patented metal design that provides extra strength for excellent drop resistance. “We spent a lot of time trying to understand both our customers and competitors in order to build the best cordless tools available,” said Corrigan. “In developing the IQv Series tools, we looked at products and programs that would change the way cordless tools are perceived and provide real value for our customers.” Ingersoll Rand IQv Series cordless tools utilize a new battery interface to lock the battery securely in place. With competitive designs, batteries can be difficult to use and even fall out when mounts and clips become damaged. The new line of cordless tools employs the IQv Grip, a patent-pending twist-to-lock design that grips the battery into the tool, providing superior holding strength. Revolutionary Battery Technology To support the new line of tools, Ingersoll Rand partnered with global leaders in electronics and battery technologies to produce the IQv cordless power system, delivering the most advanced battery technology available. IQv technology makes it possible to have one charger that charges all voltages and chemistries, including nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion batteries from 7.2-volts to 19.2-volts. “IQv technology gives cordless tool systems intelligence not found in typical systems,” said Corrigan. “The ability for batteries and chargers to communicate opens the door for dramatically improved performance, longevity and compatibility.” The IQv charger automatically detects battery voltage and chemistry and chooses the correct charge algorithm. By “reading” the battery, the charger can optimize its charge to improve performance and longevity. The charger’s renew feature “deep cycle” restores the battery to like-new condition and calibrates onboard battery electronics. For nickel-cadmium batteries, the renew feature eliminates memory effect, extending the usable battery life up to five times and significantly decreasing the number of replacement batteries over the life of the tool. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Ingersoll Rand backs IQV Series cordless tools with the industry-leading IQV Warranty with registration. This includes a one-year, hassle-free tool and charger replacement; a two-year or 1,000 charges limited battery warranty; and a three-year limited warranty on tool and charger. “We realize that our customers are professionals who need their tools to do their jobs,” said Corrigan. “The IQv Warranty is a way for us to share our confidence in the quality of our products and make sure we keep our customers satisfied.” IQv Series cordless tools also offer convenience and savings. Unlike standard cordless combo kits, Ingersoll Rand offers the IQv Series cordless tools individually. Users may choose from an extensive line of cordless tools, batteries and accessories, buying only what is needed, which can dramatically reduce the cost of ownership.