VoltAware Non-Contact Voltage Tester Enhances Electrician Safety & Productivity

Feb. 28, 2007
Addressing the needs of the professional electrician, IDEAL today announced the VoltAware non-contact voltage tester. VoltAware combines a wide range of safety features, including a CAT IV 1000V rating and continuous battery self-testing, with an ergonomic, over-molded cushioned grip. Powerful yet simple to use, VoltAware alerts electricians of an energized circuit at outlets, switches and electrical panels without requiring contact with a bare conductor. If voltage from 50 to 1000VAC is detected, VoltAware instantly emits a loud beep and its high-intensity LED light switches from green to flashing bright red. In sound-sensitive environments, such as a hospital or office, the audible signal can be turned off without jeopardizing operator safety. VoltAware can also be used to locate breaks along an insulated cord or to identify the hot and neutral at a receptacle. Small enough to fit inside a shirt pocket, the VoltAware has a handy clip to make taking it along to a jobsite as easy as carrying a pen. CONTINUOUS BATTERY TESTING Once VoltAware is turned on, its green LED lights up to inform the electrician that the batteries are in working order, preventing accidental use with a non-powered tester. VoltAware continuously tests the batteries while on, automatically shutting down the green light if power slips too low. PRICE & AVAILABILITY The IDEAL VoltAware is immediately available with an MSRP of $18 (U.S.). Two AAA batteries are included.