Opening the Door to True Universal Access

March 10, 2007
Even for the able bodied, high/low switches or other traditional approaches can be less than satisfactory especially when hands are full, especially in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other industrial plants where carrying large and bulk items is usually a regular chore. Wikk’s INGRESS’R switch and all of the AccessAbilityä line of automatic door activation controls provide simple solutions to any installation or design requirement. Standard items are available for same day rush delivery, a key advantage when a building must quickly be brought up to ADA code within a deadline. What makes the INGRESS’R switch unique is that it is 6” wide by 36” tall” with a fully actionable 2-1/2” center column. This means that the switch can be activated and the door opened from any height or angle of approach. When mounted 3” from the floor, as recommended by the wheelchair and scooter manufacturers Wikk consulted, the switch not only complies U.S. ADA and Canadian guidelines but also gives unconditional door access to anyone whether they’re severely disabled or simply have their hands full.