Thermo Label Visually Warns of Exceeded Temperature Levels

March 9, 2007
Hot summer temperatures regularly cause problems for shippers, transport companies and consignees as temperature sensitive goods might exceed their thermal limits. One of the critical summer freight situations is the shipment of finished, but not yet filled PET bottles from manufacturers to the bottlers. PET bottles are designed using the almost absolute minimal wall thickness and once filled-up, should safely withstand the internal gas pressures. Exceeding a certain storage temperature means for an empty PET bottle degrading durability. Applying the Jumbo-CelsiDot® 54 °C (= 130 °F) thermo label is a reliable, easy and economic method to warn of excessive heat levels during shipment. The shipper sticks a conventional, highly visible paper label (target) on the outside of his skin packed pallets. The 20 x 20 mm (= 0,8 x 0,8 inch) wide Jumbo-CelsiDot® label is then put on the "target" label. See picture. The target label supports a quick or even automated inspection of the smaller sized CelsiDot®s. If the package exceeded the rated 54°C level, then the white heat sensitive area changes almost instantaneously to a permanent black. This is a clear and indisputable proof of an exceeded temperature history level. Inquiries will receive a free set of samples .