Daylight-Readable LED-Display Digital Panel

March 9, 2007
With the launch of its DATEL branded 3 1/2 digit DMS-30DR series, C&D Technologies is the first-to-market with an auto-dimming, daylight readable, LED-display digital panel meter. The large, 0.56-inch (14.2mm) high, super-bright red LED is readable in direct sunlight without the need for special filters or shading devices. The DMS-30DR series satisfies the growing market requirement for displays that can be used in very high ambient light conditions, but can also dim themselves in poorer light. Previously, applications that required daylight visibility necessitated the use of less reliable liquid crystal display (LCD) technology that incorporates complex, high power consumption, backlighting circuitry. A further drawback of LCD technology versus LED displays is its poor viewing angle; characters on the DMS-30DR series can be read at viewing angles of up to 180 degrees, in both vertical and horizontal planes. Housed in a small, encapsulated, 12-pin DIP package with overall dimensions of 2.17” x 0.92” x 0.56’ (55mm x 23mm x 14mm), the DMS-30DR series is suitable for either panel or PCB mounting. The rugged moisture and vibration resistant assembly integrates the display, autodim display drivers, a light sensor, reference circuitry and an A/D converter. Each package also incorporates a built-in colour filter and bezel. A user-accessible external brightness adjustment pin enables custom intensity settings or brightness matching in multi-display applications. The DMS-30DR series comprises four panel meters offering a choice of four high-impedance differential input voltage ranges: ±200mV, ±2V, ±20V and ±200V. Typical display accuracy is ± 1 count. All models operate from a single +5V supply and draw as little as 7mA when operated in total darkness, and typically less than 200mA when operated at maximum brightness. CMRR for all devices is 86dB, and inputs are over-voltage protected to ±250V. Operating temperature range for all models is 0ºC to +60ºC.