Centrifuge Series

March 14, 2007
It was not until a business trip to Japan during this last summer that I was introduced to the beautifully manufactured centrifuges with a slick exterior design that fooled most about its usage. It was not difficult to embrace the idea that this product has its niche. Even with the tightly priced competition, the unique concept of this machine was its selling proposition. Today, the Centrifuge series is our latest addition to our product line that although functions on completely different principles than our oil filtration systems, has proven to be an excellent compliment for our customer needs. The simple design based on the sedimentary principle allows substances to rotate around a fixed axis, which has an applied force perpendicular to it. This centripetal acceleration then forces substances of greater and lesser density to separate. Thus the Centrifuge series improves the de-liquidization rate and solidifies sludge thereby decreasing the accumulation of contamination and improving the collection rate of even minute grains. Applications for the Centrifuge series include various machine tools, oil pressure devices, freezers, glass, lens prism processing, painting and drainage processing and abrasion. From cleaning to polishing or removal it can dehydrate liquids separating even substances like rust, mud, sand, silicon and gallium arsenic. Features and Benefits: •Prevents machine failure •Extends oil life •Reduces waste disposal volume •Reduces parts defects •Continuous oil cleaning and purification •Extends the life of your fluids, tooling and grinding/polishing media. •Improves productivity •Cuts down on maintenance cost •Treatment costs of your liquid/solids waste stream is lowered •Improves reliability on machines •Improves your process and product quality by keeping the process fluid clean • Model: TRS200-A • Motor: 400Vx3 - 50Hz • Power: 5,5 KW • Max Flow: 200 l/m • RPM: 2.500 • Dimensions: 730 x 1200 x 1768 • Weight: 750 kg