Clamshell Packaging

March 20, 2007
Clamshell packaging is the newest addition in the expansion of the VisiPak line of clear plastic packaging. The clear packaging options provide a visual advantage to any package in any shape or form. Thermoformed packaging protects your product and can be designed to display the most precise details. Each package can be customized; it’s economical and offers great design flexibility. Our experience In-house sales team will easily guide you through the process from prototype to the finished design. Don’t forget the benefit earned from the ease of shipping and storage of the packaging supplies. Styles easily nest to reduce shipping and storage costs. Most commonly used materials are PVC, PET and PP and the range of material thickness available is .007” to .047”.• Clamshells are available in material thicknesses ranging from .007 inches to .047 inches. • Length - 8.000 • Width - 4.000