Cyclo® Bevel Buddybox 3 (Cyclo® BBB3) Speed Reducer and Gearmotor

March 24, 2007
These speed reducers are the ultimate right angle drives for challenging applications. The Cyclo® BBB combines the quiet, efficient and reliable performance of the Cyclo® technology input with the rugged spiral bevel gearbox output. The modular design provides a compact, torque-dense product with the most flexible range of output speed and torque combinations available. Sumitomo’s patented Taper Grip® bushing systems enhances this reducer with a simple shaft-mounting device that provides self-aligning, backlash-free torque transmission. Sumitomo Cyclo® BBB reducer and gearmotors are available from 1/8 to 40HP and ratios from 11:1 to 26,000:1 and greater.