New CT Series Step Motors Increase Machine Throughput While Reducing Overall Package Size

March 28, 2007
Danaher Motion introduces CT Series Step Motors. The CT Series uses less power to provide more torque than comparable standard hybrid step motors. This improves operating efficiency and increases machine throughput, while reducing machine size and operating costs. Standard and custom motors are available in NEMA 17, 23 and 34 frame sizes. “The CT Series has a patent-pending aluminum housing that improves heat dissipation and provides higher torque output. This means it uses less power than competitive step motor systems to achieve the same torque output, or equivalent power to achieve 25% higher torque output and greater machine throughput. As a result, the CT Series is ideally suited for use in higher capacity machines, or in smaller machines that require a compact, powerful motor, as is often desired in medical equipment, textile, semiconductor and electronic assembly applications,” says Rich Lenzing, Product Manager. CT Series step motors also feature a large bearing system to accommodate high thrust loads and high side loading. This allows the load to mount directly to the motor shaft, and reduces mechanical system costs by eliminating the need for couplings and load support bearings. High voltage insulation further increases reliability and allows the motors to be used with high voltage, high performance drives. About Danaher Motion Danaher Motion is a leading global manufacturer of motion control products that improve the efficiency and productivity of complex manufacturing operations. Danaher Motion’s product innovations have been revolutionizing the motion control industry for over 60 years through trusted brand names including Dover, Kollmorgen and Thomson. Danaher Motion is a strategic business platform of the Danaher Corporation (NYSE:DHR), a manufacturer of process and environmental controls, tools and industrial components.