AutoFast© Riveting Tool — the first automated rivet system for blind breakstem rivets

March 19, 2007
Sartam Industries recently introduced the new AutoFast© Riveting Tool, the first portable, automated riveting tool engineered to feed and set blind rivets of all types by combining a unique design and dual delivery systems with a portable hydra-pneumatic rivet tool. AutoFast is powerful and versatile, offering operators maximum flexibility through either a cartridge feed system (with a 100 rivet spool), or our exclusive continuous feed system. The continuous feed system — unique in the marketplace — can hold up to 800 rivets of almost any brand or size, from 3/32" up to 1/4", including standard commercial, structural and aerospace rivets. AutoFast not only helps increase productivity, but also helps to reduce errors, creates a cleaner workplace, and helps decrease worker compensation claims. The AutoFast Riveting Tool is distributed exclusively through Master Distributors.