Further enhancing the POP blind rivet product line, Emhart Teknologies announces its newest specialized rivet, the LS rivet. When fastening soft, thin or brittle materials, without the proper rivet, you can easily distort the pliable material.   According to Joaquin Sanchez, POP Product Manager, “With the myriad of plastics and composites used in today’s industrial applications, it is essential to choose the right fastening solution.”   

The LS rivet is designed to set in a tri-fold configuration which separates into three legged sections to ensure a secure joint.   Mr. Sanchez noted, “This distinctive set creates a large secondary head formation that will evenly distribute the load which is key in preventing any material damage, pull-through or rivet failure.” The LS rivet is characterized by a wide grip range which reduces the need for inventorying multiple rivet sizes.  

The mandrel head is contained within the rivet body eliminating ratting joints and making the LS rivet ideal for use in applications across many industries. All POP® riveting systems have been designed to offer the best features available in the market today.  POP offers the quality, durability and reliability that are expected from genuine POP® product line.     

  •  tri-fold configuration
  • wide grip range