Composite Metal Cored, Stainless Steel Electrodes for Heavy Industrial Applications

March 31, 2007
Select-Arc, Inc. has introduced three composite metal cored, austenitic stainless steel electrodes for welding in a variety of industrial and processing applications. SelectAlloy 308L-C, 309L-C and 316L-C operate with a smooth, spray arc transfer and produce little or no slag and virtually no spatter, which minimizes cleanup. They offer higher deposition rates and more controlled penetration than the equivalent solid wire. Each is ideally suited for making small butt, lap and fillet welds on thin material at elevated travel speeds. These electrodes may also be utilized for heavier, multiple pass welding or for surfacing applications. SelectAlloy 308L-C is used to weld 301, 302, 304L, 308, 308L, 321 and 347 grades of stainless in welding components for the chemical, paper, textile and pharmaceutical industries and food service equipment. SelectAlloy 309L-C is designed for the welding of refinery and chemical processing equipment as well as furnace and auto exhaust parts. SelectAlloy 316L-C finds wide application in the pulp and paper industry, chemical and textile processing equipment, furnace parts and parts exposed to marine environments. • Diameters: .045", 1/16" • Shielding Gases: 98% Ar/2% Co2, 98% Ar/2% O2, 35-50 Cfh • Welding Positions: Flat And Horizontal