V. Mariotti Company Teams with MH Distribution Company to Offer the World’s Smallest Operator-on-Board Forklift Truck

April 5, 2007
V. Mariotti Company located in Torino, Italy has recently announced that they will join forces with MH Distribution Company to offer dealers west of the Mississippi and Mexico access to the Mariotti line of forklift trucks. Already established with Smith-Gramley LTD in the Eastern United States and Canada, the agreement with MH Distribution and their network of dealers is expected to significantly expand distribution of Mariotti forklifts throughout the remainder of the United States and Canada and on into Mexico. With widths as narrow as 31 inches and heights as low as 75 inches, the Mariotti brand of forklifts includes the world’s smallest operator-on-board forklift truck. The Mycros and ME series of Mariotti lift trucks are specifically designed to lift up to 2,600 pounds in limited space applications, including the ability to drive through a standard door opening and maneuver elevators. About V. Mariotti Company and MH Distribution Mariotti Company was founded in 1920 by Vasco Mariotti with the intent to provide material handling materials to the Italian market. Through the purchase and continued development by the Bruno family, V. Mariotti Company is now one of the most recognized manufacturers of material handling equipment in Europe. Headquartered in La Vista, Nebraska, MH Distribution oversees the dealer network for the western United States and Mexico for the distribution of the Mariotti product line and the entirety of North America for Mariotti parts.