Introduces the DrumQuik Pro for Chemical Extracting from Rigid Containers

April 3, 2007
Colder Products Company’s DrumQuik® PRO is an easy-to-use product for extracting chemicals from rigid containers. The closed-system design and rugged construction meet the strict safety requirements of chemical handling applications as well as the demands of harsh operating environments. The DrumQuik PRO minimizes chemical exposure and facilitates the delivery of chemicals from bulk transfer containers to end use applications. The coupler is reusable and the dip-tube assembly is suited to costsensitive one-way and single-use container applications and can be disposed of or recycled along with the container.The DrumQuik PRO is a closed chemical dispensing system designed to facilitate safe, easy and economic extraction of chemicals from plastic drums, jerry cans, and IBCs. This chemical management system is comprised of two major components; a low-cost and recyclable “drum insert assembly” that combines into one integrated unit a bung closure and a dip-tube. The drum insert assembly seals the container for transport from chemical packager to the end user site. The second component is a rugged, reusable quick disconnect coupler (dispense head) that is installed at the point-of-use. The coupler incorporates an automatic shut off valve which prevents chemical media from leaking out when it is disconnected from the drum insert during container change-outs. It also ensures that both sides are sealed from point-of-origin to point-of-use. The coupler also incorporates a vent port for controlled venting of the container. In many different industries and applications dangerous chemicals or food products are transferred from their shipping containers via open dispense systems that are susceptible to spillage, waste and noxious vapor release. As a result, personnel, equipment and the environment are needlessly exposed to hazardous chemicals and the fumes they generate. The DrumQuik PRO allows any open dispensing system to be converted to a closed system, thereby facilitating the delivery of chemicals from rigid containers to end use applications while minimizing exposure.