2500-DA Meter & Mixing System for Compounds with Abrasive Fillers

March 31, 2007
The system is Self-Priming on start up from a bottle or jar, mechanical parts do not come into contact with the fluid and the transfer of liquid from the source container is carried out without agitation. The PPD-130 has a reverse direction feature for emptying the tube and returning the fluid safely to the source after use, reducing cost and maintenance. It can also be programmed to provide between 0-3 seconds of vacuum snuff-back for deposit control. The PPD-130 is suitable for small shots and continuous operation with an adjustable rotor speed and can be operated manually with a finger switch or remotely through an I/O interface. A large segment LCD displays a timed count-down for fluid discharge from 0.01 – 99.99 seconds. The PPD-130 is available in 110V and 220V versions.• Ratio Range: 1:1 - 25:1 • Ratio Accuracy: +/-1% • Viscosity Range: 1cps to 2,000,000cps(viscous materials may require heating or pumping) • Shot Size range: 1/10cc-continous