Introduces Easy-to-Use C84 Continuous Ink-Jet Printer

March 30, 2007
Matthews Marking Products has just introduced the I-Mark™ C84 Continuous Ink-Jet (CIJ) Printer, featuring a self-cleaning printhead and large color touchscreen for fast, reliable small-character coding of up to 4 lines of text -- expiration dates, batch codes, logos and bar codes -- on a wide range of products of any shape or surfaces. Ideal for cosmetic, snackfood, pharmaceutical, electronic and other applications, the new printer is manufactured in the U.S. and will be shown for the first time at Matthews’ booth (#1435) at the SouthPack 2007 show in Atlanta April 24-26. Ease of use and maintenance cost savings The C84’s large, easy-to-read, color, icon-based touchscreen (10.4 in.) and single button controls for jet startup/shutdown make it simple to operate and create and change messages. “We think the C84 has the easiest operator interface of any CIJ on the market,” said Antonio Cortes del Valle, Matthews’ Product Manager. Protected by a stainless steel IP55 rated enclosure, the controller is compact (22.5 in. x 18 in. x 12.75 in) and easily fits into production environments. The C84 requires maintenance only after 2,500 hours of operation, in comparison to the usual 1,500 hours of competing CIJ printers. Contributing to lower maintenance costs and maximum uptime are a self-cleaning printhead nozzle, autoflush of the hermetically-sealed printhead enclosure, and continuous on-screen diagnostics that monitor and regulate running parameters such as ink viscosity, print head temperature, drop speed and ink pressure. While competitive systems automatically add solvent on a set schedule, sensors in the C84’s diagnostic process measure whether solvent is needed to maintain viscosity. This saves on consumables costs. The C84 prints characters from .05 in -.61 in. (1.25 mm-15.6 mm) high at a maximum speed of 1,235 ft. per minute (376 m/min.). It may be used with fast dry, non-MEK and pigmented inks for porous or non-porous substrates.* Simple message creation and backups * One touch process control * Choice of 2 or 4 line options * Versatile coding * One button automatic shutdown