Announces Extension of Marking Chalk Line

April 18, 2007
IRWIN Industrial Tools® announces an extension of the STRAIT-LINE Marking Chalk line to meet the needs of professionals for accuracy and attention to detail. IRWIN STRAIT-LINE has expanded its range of category-leading marking products with the addition of Dust-Off Chalk and Permanent Staining Chalk. Dust-Off Chalk is removable chalk that can be used to mark interior walls and trim and then wiped away cleanly. Permanent Staining Chalk is great for extreme outdoor conditions because it can withstand harsh weather conditions and months of jobsite wear. In addition to Dust-Off and Permanent Staining, there is an existing range of chalk with varying levels of permanence, color and special uses. “Your work says a lot about you,” said Senior Product Manager, Laura Turnbull. “There’s a feeling of pride that comes with sweating the details, whether working indoors or outdoors, on finished surfaces or in extreme conditions. IRWIN STRAIT-LINE has the ideal chalk for every job.” The Dust-Off Marking Chalk wipes off of smooth surfaces and doesn’t leave a permanent mark. This is especially useful when the marked surface is indoors and needs to be painted or vacuumed. The Dust-Off Chalk is available in Light Violet. The Standard Marking Chalk is great for short-term use and low traffic areas. Its versatility works well for indoor and outdoor projects. The Standard Chalk is available in Blue and White. The Hi-Visibility Marking Chalk is easy to see in low light conditions or on dark surfaces. It’s weather resistant, so the lines will remain visible even days after weather conditions or wear and tear. The Hi-Vis Chalk is available in Hi-Vis Orange, Hi-Vis Green and Hi-Vis Yellow. The Permanent Marking Chalk provides a weather-proof line that will remain visible after weeks of exposure to weather conditions. It’s durable and wear-resistant so it’s perfect for long-term jobs or medium traffic areas. The Permanent Chalk is available in Red and Black. The Permanent Staining Marking Chalk is weather proof and will remain visible even after months of exposure to rain. The lines are wear resistant which make it perfect for long-term use in high-traffic areas. The Permanent Staining Chalk is available in Indigo Blue, Crimson Red and Midnight Black. The IRWIN STRAIT-LINE Marking Chalks are available at retail hardware and industrial construction stores in 4 oz, 8 oz, 2 ½ lb and 5 lb containers. Depending on the size of the chalk container, the suggested retail prices range from $1.50 - $20.00. IRWIN Industrial Tools includes a broad line of hand tools and power tool accessories including IRWIN® VISE-GRIP® locking tools, MARATHON® saw blades, QUICK-GRIP® clamping tools, SPEEDBOR® flat bits, STRAIT-LINE® marking tools, UNIBIT® step drill bits and HANSON® taps and dies. IRWIN Industrial Tools is a Newell Rubbermaid company.