Line-Mate™ Perfects Line Finishing on Stainless Steel

April 26, 2007
J. Walter Inc. offers the LINE-MATE™ finishing system to expertly match or impart a perfect line grain finish every time on stainless steel. At the heart of the system is the LINE-MATE™ II finishing tool. This electronic angle grinder is specifically designed to provide just the right speed and to maintain that speed electronically. When combined with the extra wide inflatable drum and a selection of drum belts the LINE-MATE™ quickly removes welds, imparts direction of the grain, removes scratches and matches many grained finishes. You can also refine the line finish with one of many LINE-MATE™ finishing drums available in Coarse, Medium, Fine, Two-in-One or other available grits. Using the handrail attachment you can even refinish tubing after it has been welded. Also available are a selection of polishing felt belts and drums to give a perfect mirror finish when used with WALTER’s white and blue polishing compounds. We offer the industry’s largest staff of trained representatives able to teach and train your fabricators the art of line finishing. • RPM • 1,000 - 3,800 5/8"-11 • Motor • 120V AC • Amps • 12.4A