Vacuum Lifter Handles Heavy Compact Loads

April 27, 2007
An ergonomic vacuum tube lifter that features a dual pad attachment which is designed to handle heavy boxes of nails, staples, hardware, and similar products is being introduced by Anver Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts. The Anver VT-Series Vacuum Tube Lifter has a special pad attachment featuring two 4" x 9" soft rubber suction cups with extended lips that conform to the distortion of boxes being lifted from the top. Designed for loading and unloading compact boxes weighing up to 95 lbs., this ergonomic tube lifter provides a 100% duty cycle with instant attach and release. Helping to prevent back injuries, the Anver VT-Series Vacuum Tube Lifter for handling heavy boxes has adjustable up/down controls built into the handle and a 360° swivel top for unrestricted rotation. Other standard features include a heavy-duty vacuum pump, wire-reinforced tube, vacuum gauge, and quick-disconnects for the vacuum pad attachment. The Anver VT-Series Vacuum Tube Lifter is priced from $4,995.00 (list). Literature is available upon request.