March 16, 2022
CARRIDA Technologies' CARRIDA SDK is an ALPR library that is easily integrated into existing systems.

The highly optimized CARRIDA SDK is an ALPR library that reads license plates worldwide; other features include make & model recognition and vehicle classification. It runs hardware independent on any PC-based system, edge device or cloud / server.


The software engine can be flexibly deployed as an OEM library, web-gui solution for easy startup and configuration on any edge device or as an app for Android handhelds.


Users can easily implement their software across different hardware as the SDK uses the same library, feature set, and programming interface for any hardware.


Ideal uses can include access control, parking, and traffic management. The LPR library is available for all countries worldwide. In addition to the country and state detection, its versatility is further enhanced by the ability to identify two-line license plates and special characters.

  • Easily integrated into existing systems
  • Fully hardware and manufacturer independent
  • High accuracy >99%
  • Versatile ALPR library for OEMs