Enclosed Heaters Are Reinforced with Silicon & Rubber

April 13, 2007
Intelligent construction makes OMEGA's Enclosed Heaters efficient and durable. This SREH series features a serpentine wound heating element laminated between two layers of 15 mil fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber and bonded to an aluminum mounting plate. The plate comes with two holes for mounting either horizontally or vertically (though optimal control is achieved when mounted vertically). Models with built-in air sensing thermostat regulate the temperature in the enclosure to prevent condensation or freezing. This design makes these superior heaters moisture resistant, chemical resistant and radiation resistant. Applications include equipment and industrial plant maintenance and material handling in the manufacturing, petroleum, mining and transportation fields.* Operating Voltage: 120 Vac * Leads: 122 cm (48") PFA * Heating Element: laminated between two layers of, 0.015 mil, fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber * Silicone Rubber Density: 16.8 oz/yd2 (0.06 grams/cm2) per layer * Overall Thickness: (blanket and bracket) 1/4" (0.64 cm) * Maximum Energized Exposure Temperature: 232°C (450°F) * Maximum De-energized Exposure Temperature: 260°C (500°F) * Minimum Exposure Temperature: -51°C (-60°F) * Dielectric Strength: > 2000 volts