Conicity Technologies, LLC, has developed a new technology for removing grinding defects from the edges of drills. In the past, drills have commonly been prepped by hand. Conicity’s DXM-50-EZ machine with CNC technology eliminates the variability and inconsistency in off-hand processing. Exceptional drill consistency requires quality regrinding and superior edge preparation. If the edge of a drill has not been protected against extreme cutting forces, tool performance will be erratic due to chipping and uneven wear. In order to optimize drill performance and improve consistency, all of the defects and grind lines present on the cutting edge must be removed. By strengthening the interface between the tool and the workpiece, variations in tool performance can be eliminated. Also, greater consistency between cutting edges improves the tool’s ability to cut around its own center, which increases tool life and improves hole finish. The DXM-50-EZ can be used on drill diameters ranging from 1/8" to 1". Edge prep sizes range from 0.0005" to 0.0025", and can be controlled to a tolerance of 0.0002". The system outputs 150 tools per hour and is available at no capital cost to qualified users and tool shops. Conicity Technologies, a subsidiary of Weiler Corporation headquartered in Cresco, PA, is the developer of the patented Engineered Micro-Geometry™ (EMG) technology used to improve workpiece quality and extend tool life through precise management of the tool-workpiece interface.