Food Network Segment Features Universal Laser Systems

May 17, 2007
A Universal Laser System was prominently featured on a recent one-hour Food Network special called “Kitchens of the Future.” Narrated by Food Network personality Alton Brown, “Kitchens of the Future” took viewers on a fast paced, fun tour of past generations of kitchen gadgetry and unveiled the new culinary gizmos of tomorrow. In the program segment featuring the Universal Laser System, Brown revealed that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology laser laboratory has been researching ways in which the Universal Laser System’s laser engraving machine can mark food products with text, logos, and graphics. In keeping with the light-hearted tone of the program, Dr. Ted Selker, an associate professor at MIT, demonstrated the ability of the machine to etch nutritional information directly onto the surface of a Pop-Tart® toaster pastry! The segment concluded with a high-speed demonstration of the Universal Laser System engraving the Food Channel logo onto another Pop-Tart pastry as Brown stated, “And that’s what the food of tomorrow might look like in the kitchen of the future.” “We are delighted to see a Universal laser system featured so prominently on a Food Network program,” said Michael Flanary, COO of Universal Laser Systems, Inc. Mr. Flanary added, “A laser system is such a versatile piece of equipment, the possibilities are almost endless.” Universal Laser Systems, Inc. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of CO2 lasers and laser systems. Universal’s laser systems can process a wide variety of materials including glass, leather, plastics, metals, ceramics, rubber, marble, and more. The systems are widely used in the woodworking, awards and custom gifts, sign making, and embroidery industries, and various industrial fields.