Ceramic Heaters Provide Optimum Radiant Efficiency

May 19, 2007
Durex Industries offers a line of ceramic long wave infrared heaters, in wattages up to 1500W and all popular international voltages. The high emissivity of these heaters ensures optimum radiant efficiency in a wide range of applications, including plastics, coatings, thermoforming, drying, foodservice, packaging and OEM oven construction. Flat, trough, hollow and bulb styles are available in standard 230W configurations with cast-in iron-chrome aluminum resistance wire heating elements. The glazed ceramic surface protects the coil from corrosion and chemical contamination. These heaters provide a temperature range from 300°C – 730°C (572°F – 1346°F), producing an IR wavelength from 2-10- microns. Aluminized steel reflectors can be supplied with these ceramic heaters to direct more heat to the target area. Heat-sensitive color heaters are offered, which change color when maximum temperatures are achieved.